full name jackson scott winters comic verse persona scott summers / cyclops date of birth october 23, 1986 + 29 hometown anchorage, alaska residence boston, massachusetts occupation city councilman + lawyer status my special kind of snowflake education harvard law '05 - '09
People had always assumed Major Christopher and Katherine Ann Winters were the perfect couple. A marriage made in heaven, or so everyone was led to believe. Katherine was raised by a pair of loving and simple family. She grew to become a beautiful young woman and went to school to become an elementary school teacher. It was during a lunch for a family friend, Major Christopher Winters met Katherine Ann and it took everything he had to not ask her out to dinner. He was a budding officer moving through the ranks of the USAF rather quickly. Though many spoke of the idea that it was his father who helped him, this part may have been true no one really knew. Nearly six months into their life together, Christopher asked her to marry him and she said yes. What she didn’t know was that being married to a military career man was going to be hard on her and her future. He would be out late into the evening and some of the time he was never home long enough for her to see him. She became depressed, lonely and only had her job to keep her preoccupied. Christopher was soon offered a job as a test pilot in Anchorage - his dream job. He took it without bothering to talk to his wife about his choice. She was furious that he didn’t give her a voice in this change in both of their lives. She was furious enough to tell him that she was tired of never seeing him. Christopher curbed this feeling with his new job. He wouldn’t be gone nearly as long as he was with his current career. Within a month they moved, she found out she was pregnant with their first child and didn’t have the heart to tell him. Eventually he learned through channels that she was pregnant and was furious that this was the way he had to learn. She explained her sadness in leaving everyone behind and he caved, knowing this wasn’t the way he wanted her to live. So, he opted for another option: marriage counselling. Together they came to terms with the new changes and nine months later they welcomed the first member to their growing family.

Jackson Scott Winters was a welcome sight for the budding family, Katherine soon started to realize that though Christopher was going to be gone more and more; Jackson was the male company that she needed. For the little boy, she was everything to him. She was his blinding light and the name mommy never left his lips. She was always there for him, for every knee scrape and every fall. Four years later they welcomed the second edition to their family, Alexander Winters. He may have been a new welcomed sight, Jackson was still there for his mother. He was accepted into a rather high leveled pre-school on the base and a year later he was accepted into their elementary program. Alexander was right behind him as soon as Gabriel was born. Jackson was happy enough to have another brother, with his charisma and his gentle soul he was capable to take care of himself. It was Alexander was on the opposite end of this spectrum. Alex was having trouble in school and dragging his brother with him. By the time Gabriel was walking and talking, Jackson was in his first year of middle school and Alexander was having trouble with school. Christopher wanted to do something nice for his wife, she had spent all this time raising the boys that he rented a private plane to take them to Hawaii for the week. As excited as she was, she was hesitant to leave the boys. They left them with a family friend on the base and for a week it was nice to stay with friends. That was until a night before they were to return, a man in dress uniform and another in a black suit climbed the steps up to the front door. Jackson knew who they were and what they were there for. It was news that both of his brothers wouldn’t be able to handle. His parents were gone and for the first time in his life he had no way to control his future nor the future of his brothers.

With no one to take for them, the three boys were placed into the foster system. Gabriel was quickly adopted out and Alex was separated from Jackson. The eldest of the three, he was fearful for his siblings but when he found out he was going to a rather prestigious academy; Jackson accepted his fate with open arms. He spent most of his middle school and into his high school life there. There were moments when he wanted to run away but what teenage boy didn’t want to do that. Instead he accepted his fate with open arms and moved up through the school quickly. He earned a high enough gpa and was the president of the student body along with many other clubs, he earned a place in Harvard. While attending he decided to take a risk and meet his Grandparents who happened to live outside of Boston. He worked up the courage and before he started school he knocked on their door. Philip and Deborah Winters were surprised to see their oldest grandson standing on their doorstep. As sad as they were to see their son’s face in his own, they welcomed him in. He explained what was going on. They too wanted to take the boys but the USAF didn’t want that. Instead they were placed in foster care and they lost track of the boys. Jackson thought he was going to yell at them for it but instead he hugged them and forgave them. For the rest of his college life, he spent every sunday night having dinner with them.

It was during his years at Harvard Law, he found he had a flair for politics. He spoke out for those that were less fortunate and enjoyed helping people. He helped start up programs, kept them flowing and moving along to become even more than they already were. Jack may not have been a lawyer yet, but he was already starting to represent and make connections with non-profit organizations throughout Boston. He graduated with honors and was asked to join many firms. He refused them all. He took his connections and started up a firm of his own. Though it was a difficult start and it took more than a year to get things going. Jack didn’t care that he spent long nights working or eating cereal because he had no money to feed himself properly. This soon changed when he joined up with a fellow Harvard Law graduate and created a way to keep afloat. They would take on cases to help those who were helpless and had no way to defend themselves from the law. He was an advocate for the voiceless and before he knew it, he was given an opportunity to run for office. This he jumped at. He ran for City Council and he won. For the last few years he has held his spot on the Council and has been tempted with idea of running for Senate or Legislative slot.

Over the course of the last few years, he has not only been in office but his firm has grown to support more non-profit organizations. He has even had his hand in creating events and charity events to earn them money to keep going. He is a mentor for Silver Lining and is a key member of Bottom Line. He has always believed in helping kids that were in his position and giving them the same kind of start that he had. Jack knows of his siblings and he knows they are out there somewhere. He had always been tempted with locating them but there is that small part of him that believes they will despise him. He didn’t fight for them to stick around and he worries they will not approve.

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